"From the moment I met Marnie I knew we were supposed to work together. She has an ease and a knowledge about her that makes the daunting task of writing a book seem effortless. Did I ever think I would write a book? NO!!  Did I ever think I would be writing and publishing a book in just under 5 months? NO WAY!!


But Marnie made that happen for me and made it seem so easy that I am even starting to plan the second book."


Emma Smallbone, Best-Selling Author

The Barefoot Medium







"After writing my first book I was looking for some help with self-publishing. Marnie spotted one of my cries for help and swooped in with the most useful information.  I was so taken by her obvious passion to share her knowledge and experiences. Marnie gave me step by step action points to launch my book and aim for Best-Seller status on Amazon. 


Following Marnie's guidance and support I am now a Best-Selling Author and I continue to be inspired by Marnie's work."


Lucy Shrimpton, Best-Selling Author

The Sleep Nanny







"Working with Meraki House Publishing has been a seamless experience. From the staff making sure I'm completely satisfied to the tips on marketing. The entire team has contributed to making my books go from a vision to a reality. I would recommend Meraki House for all your publishing needs. "


Makini Smith, Author

A Walk in My Stilletos




"IN my heart I always knew I was a writer. It was a bucket list goal to write a book, get it published and tell my story. Working with Marnie and the Meraki House team made the process easy, and quite frankly way more fun! Today I'm a Best-Selling Authorand living my professional writer dreams. Love Meraki xo"


Crystal Adair-Benning, Best-Selling Author

Wedding Planner Problems









"This has been one of the most treasured moments of my life. Marnie Kay and her team are professional, punctual and forward-thinking. My book publishing experience was perfection and along the way I was enlightened and kept up to date with every detail. I highly recommend Meraki Publishing House services to any writer seeking guidance and a loyal partner."


Pauleanna Reid, Best-Selling Author

Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother, A Novel.



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