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What does becoming unchained mean to you?  


What does it mean to really be free from your past? The shame, fear and guilt we've all felt at some point in our lives? 


For Sherika Powell, it meant releasing her past as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse to take back her power and find her voice in the process. It meant becoming unchained from the shackles that held her captive as a victim for many years to lead the life full of love, success and contribution she does today. 


Join Sherika on her journey through the pain of her past... to forgiveness, healing, self-acceptance and self-love as she shares with you her story, how she decided to not give up on herself and with God on her side, how she found freedom in her voice. Through her struggle and triumph you will be uplifted and encouraged to find hope in your own journey so that you can also stand tall in the face of adversity and find your voice.




 Today, there is a lot of material available to Squash Players on how to improve their game including technical skill development, nutrition, game statistics and so on. However, something was missing for Patrick Hartunian, a championship- winning Squash Coach and leader in the industry of Professional Sports in Canada.

This book, ‘Mental Strength, Your Guide to Success in Sports’ is his answer to taking your game to the next level. Providing both teenagers and adults with a fresh perspective on learning by actively engaging your mind, Patrick walks through the key areas of development for any player looking to succeed. With topics like Positive Reinforcement, Mental Clarity, Seeking a Coach, Court Progressions and more, Patrick shares his extensive insight and unique teaching style to aid in the learning process for an athlete at any level.


Mental Strength is a must read for all squash players and athletes in general looking to move on from playing multiple sports, to begin specializing in one.

“A simple read to help Squash players become more self-aware of the essential tools of building mental strength. This guide will help athletes think through the all important process of becoming a complete athlete.” ~ Beth McCharles PH.D., Performance Coach

Little Cathy Barron loved living with her Grandmother on Cape Breton Island. 

Every summer her Mother would step off the train from Ontario in her fancy outfit and her red lipstick and visit with her daughter for two weeks. 

In the summer of 1955, her Mother demanded to take Cathy back to Ontario to live with her for good. Cathy reluctantly said good bye to the only life she ever knew. 

She was promised a new and exciting life full of love and happiness, but what Cathy got was the exact opposite. 

The only way to survive in her new empty world was to draw strength from her only friend, the little girl in the mirror... 

Based on a true story, Tara Mondou artistically recreates the heartbreaking roller coaster recount of her mother's early childhood.

Learn how to break out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself for the next 30 days to become a happier, healthier and wealthier YOU. What if you could learn how to change your life for the better in just a few minutes every day? What if you could learn how to get outside your comfort zone, apply some new habits, and truly succeed without making all the mistakes yourself?  


Enter... 'What This Means To You,' a quick yet inspirational daily read, designed for the driven professional looking to expand themselves beyond their comfort zone and see results NOW.  

In just a few minutes each day you will…


1. Review one key success principle for the day ahead

2. Learn how you can put it into action to push you outside your comfort zone

3. Reflect on your experiences with some self-accountability along the way


Are you ready to reach your peak potential by living the next 30 days outside your comfort zone? This book will walk you step by step through the ups and downs of life and inspire you to keep going. Results are always on the other side of fear. Welcome to an uncomfortable, thought-provoking, life changing reflection on what it takes to build a life you love, one you don't need a vacation from.



Weddings saved my life. Literally. 


From the time I was a broke university student, to the time I was diagnosed with the Big C and given months to live, even when my own marriage failed...weddings saved my life. The love that connects us all is what fuels my purpose in this crazy world. 


How did weddings save my life? I'm a wedding planner. I happen to be really freakin' good at it. Even when I'm knee-deep in a torrential downpour while setting up an outdoor wedding, elbows-deep in a bride's dress solving a red wine stain debacle, or managing every little detail in some far-flung locale...I've got this handled. 


Because that's life, people. And weddings, like life, NEVER go as planned. Shit happens a lot. But, it's all in how you handle it. 


With over 15 years in the industry, hundreds of weddings planned all over the world, and more lives than a cat, I'm here to share my story in the hopes that it inspires you in some way to show up in your life, get out of your own way, and love. 


Cheers to changing the world, one marriage at a time... 



Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother is a coming-of-age story for any woman who has ever questioned her sexual maturity and readiness, stayed silent at a time when she should have spoken up or accepted treatment that was less than what she deserved.  


Aaliyah Panarese is the teenage daughter of successful, overprotective parents who want the best for her but rarely consider her hopes and dreams. Under the matriarchal rules of her abusive mother, Aaliyah is expected to, without question, follow in her footsteps and attend law school after she graduates from high school.


Frustrated and too cowardly to express her dreams of becoming a writer, she escapes life’s harsh realities by journaling heartfelt letters to her mother inside a diary, hoping that one day they will be the keys to rebuilding trust and strengthening the emotional connection that is lacking between them.


In a desperate attempt to nd her voice, and feel accepted and loved, she befriends Stacy, Tonja and Manny—the most rebellious girls at her school. Aaliyah follows the crowd, breaks her parents’ rules and is quickly thrown into a battleeld marked with peer pressure, self-loathing, sexual discovery and broken friendships. Her journey takes dramatic twists and turns while delivering a cautionary tale that is grounded in the reality of what it is to be a teenager in today’s instant-access generation.



“You’ve had the power all along my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself." Glinda, The Wizard of Oz.


Life is full of messages guiding us in the direction of our purpose, but most of us are waiting to get hit in the face with a blinding signal saying ‘THIS IS A SIGN!’.


I hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t work like that. Hailing from a small town in England, growing up with anxiety, depression, a learning disability and Spirit for friends, Emma Smallbone spent her whole life trying to figure out who she was and why she could see dead people. After meeting her soul mate, building an extremely successful photography business and becoming a mum, Emma started to explore spirituality as a way of living instead of a cool party trick.


By studying her unique gift instead of ignoring it for the first time in her life, Emma opened up a whole new world full of communication with the afterlife, exposing her ability to heal people in need of guidance and closure through communication with loved ones they have lost. In this book Emma tells the story of her evolution as a medium and an empath, finding her true purpose and how you too, can let Spirit in... one step at a time.


"My work is to be a messenger, to connect you with your loved ones, deliver the message you need to hear and strengthen your bond with the spiritual world by proving that love is eternal. There are no boundaries. You just have to pay attention."


Join Emma in The Barefoot Medium as she explores 10 valuable lessons you can apply in your own life to connect with Spirit, create a life you love and CHOOSE happiness.

The truth is it's all YOU- Your fears, your worries your doubts and your beliefs. Your inner bitch, Betty has been busy gathering evidence and building proof around some silly ideas you picked up that have now become the so-called 'truth' for you. One Question... How's that working for you?


It wasn't working for Marnie Kay and after one life-changing event she was forced to question the things she has always simply known and accepted to be true. What if they weren't true? What else is now possible?


Her need to understand how we work and how we can become the creator of our lives instead of the witness has led her on a mission to share one simple truth with the world; Belief is the KILLER and the KEY. The beauty is you get to choose. It all starts with what we think and the stories we tell ourselves. 

The good news is you are not a shoe. One of our many fabulous human qualities is the intellectual ability to choose what we think about. So why don't we? Why do we choose the stories that suck?

In Belief Is The New Black, Marnie aims to share with you...






Join Marnie on this personal journey of love, strength, heartbreak and humor in understanding our beliefs about ourselves, life, love money (and everything in between) and how to get them working FOR us instead of AGAINST us.


YOU are also your only solution. 

Belief is everything, everything is belief. 



After surviving a brutal attack when he was 12, the violence of mental illness taught Dominick a vital lesson: never stop running.


Now 17, Dominick is pulled into a mystical world by an unknown force. There he must traverse the foreign land and find his way home before being caught by the deathly stalker behind a fractured mask.


Is it real? Is this realm full of burning wind and lumbering monsters merely an echo of the horrors Dominick faced in his childhood or has an exotic threat arisen?


“J.D Clair tells a tale that enchants with the mythical thrill of Native American legend fused with modern fantasy. This haunting adventure will cause you to love, hate, and strive for."




Meraki House Publishing