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Katie Jones

Meraki House Instagram
Meraki House Instagram

Return to Innocence
Return to Innocence

J.D. Clair's Return to Innocence to be released on February 23, 2016!

Creativity Seminar
Creativity Seminar

Seminar Coming Soon! Tips to help beat that writers block!

Meraki House Instagram
Meraki House Instagram


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Welcome to Meraki House PUBLISHING! 


Meraki is an ancient Greek word meaning 'to do something with Soul, Creativity & Love'. This is what Meraki House is all about.


Created in 2015 by International Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Book Enthusiast... Marnie Kay is on a mission to publish today's aspiring authors with Soul, Creativity & Love in the process. She believes she can change the publishing industry by giving the power back to the Author, the artist- the very place it always belonged. 


The first thing you need to know is YOU can do this. I was once where you are- with an idea, something to share and no idea how to do it. Contact us TODAY to discover how you too, can become a Best-Selling Author with Meraki House Publishing. 


With Soul, Creativity & Love, 


Marnie Kay

CEO, Meraki House Publishing.




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Identify your target audience & marketing strategy with experts.

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Writing & Editing Services including proofreading & ghostwriting. 

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Get published & become available all over the world online and instores!

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