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At Meraki House Publishing, our goal is to help you execute your vision, get published and have an incredible experience. This is our promise.


Meraki means 'to do something with Soul, Creativity & Love'. This is how we work. 


From idea to print, we are your one-stop shop for publishing.  As close to self-publishing as you can get but without the headache, confusion and overwhelm that comes with it. We love seeing our clients develop their story, their message and their launch and being a part of it every step of the way. With Meraki House, you stay at the helm of your project- we just help you get it done the way you want. 


Whether you need writing or editing support, graphic design (cover & interior), brand and marketing consultation or worldwide publishing and distribution - Meraki House has you covered. Literally. 


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With Soul, Creativity & Love.


Marnie Kay

Best-Selling Author

CEO & Founder, Meraki House Publishing



"From the moment I met Marnie I knew we were supposed to work together. She has an ease and a knowledge about her that makes the daunting task of writing a book seem effortless.


Did I ever think I would write a book? NO!!  Did I ever think I would be writing and publishing a book in just under 5 months? NO WAY!!


But Marnie made that happen for me and made it seem so easy that I am even starting to plan the second book."


Emma, Best-Selling Author

The Barefoot Medium


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